A Literate World

Outside of my family, there are two people who inspired me to become a writer: Jim Henson and Dr Seuss. But that would have been a meaningless dream if there had not been someone inside my family who told me it was okay if I wanted to write that novel... as long as I got my homework…Read more A Literate World

A sense of place

It seems counter-intuitive, but writing is a visual medium. Authors have the delightful task of imagining vivid worlds, peopling them with interesting characters, and then inviting readers to join us for an adventure in our own peculiar land beyond the wardrobe. We can see it so very clearly in our heads, and we just want to take you…Read more A sense of place


It is  November and you know what that means: Writing advice season has begun. It seems to get here earlier every year. The stores are stacked with new keyboards and copies of Bird by Bird.  The interwebs are humming with tweets tagged #amwriting and Pinterest boards are filling up with pictures of typewriters and inspirational quotes, some…Read more WRITE A NOVEL IN THREE EASY STEPS!

NaNoWriMo: A Significant Wordcount Event Is Imminent

  Memo from the Department of Literary Security To: All Potential Authors & Interested Parties RE: Literary Alert Level Tango The Secretary has been monitoring internet traffic on sites frequented by wordsmiths and detected elevated levels of activity among literary agents provocateurs from the Office of Letters & Light. It is our determination that this uptick in chatter…Read more NaNoWriMo: A Significant Wordcount Event Is Imminent

Gene Wilder – My Favorite Mad Scientist

On Monday, we lost the great writer and comedic actor Gene Wilder. The world lost a paragon of gentle silliness and I lost a particularly inspirational figure in my own life. There were many influences that contributed to the writing of Howard Carter Saves the World, ranging across the spectrum from Jim Henson to  John Carter…Read more Gene Wilder – My Favorite Mad Scientist