About Scott

img_7444-683x1024Scott Perkins was born and raised in rural Missouri, dreaming about turning his grandfather’s tractors into giant robots and reading and absorbing the sort of classic science fiction and fantasy that was a little bit ridiculous, and a whole lot hopeful about the potential of  human-kind. His debut novel HOWARD CARTER SAVES THE WORLD is the result of that youth among books, robots, and tractor exhaust fumes.

Scott is most assuredly not a mad scientist living on a secret island fortress somewhere in the vicinity of Seattle, Washington with his wife and assorted felines (which most assuredly do not have wings, though it’s not for lack of asking). As far as we know, he’s a writer, sculptor, and graphic designer who does an excellent job of pretending to be perfectly normal at all times.

Interviews & Highlights:
Fox Island author publishes cheerful, non-cynical science fiction novel ‘Howard Carter Saves the World” (Interview) Peninsula Gateway/Tacoma News Tribune
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Wednesday Welcome: Scott Perkins & Howard Carter Saves the World Interview with Nancy Jardine
On the Pitfalls of Naming a Character ‘Howard Carter’ with my pal Seumas Gallacher

The Brass Screw Confederacy
Presenter: Drinking from the Font of Ideas
Panelist: Steampunk Writers
Awards & Publications:

Scott was a finalist in the 6th Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition with the humorous story Armageddon Interruptus, a tale of daylight savings time, practical accountancy, and the difficulties of obtaining pale horses.


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His debut novel Howard Carter Saves the World, a romp through the sacred cow pastures of pop culture, was released in the US and UK April 14, 2015 by Crooked Cat Publishing..

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