About Scott

scott walker perkins, author/artist/maker

Scott Perkins was born in Sedalia, Missouri, a rural city at the crossroads of America’s rails and roads. He grew up standing along the rails, watching the trains depart for far flung destinations, his wanderlust itching to be off. After high school, he Kerouaced all over the United States, starting with Colorado and eventually washing up on the shores of Washington state, where he now lives with his wife and an ever-growing circus of rescue animals.

Since 2012, he’s been engaged in a quixotic attempt to learn all the practical arts of the 16th century trades. Yes, really. This has involved a deep dive into the hardscrabble life of a humble pinmaker, a summer spent in the woodsmoke and heat of a pre-modern baker, the ascendancy of the printers and bookbinders and everyone in between.

You can keep abreast of that project at RenaissanceArtisan.com.  

He’s the author of the midgrade humor/science fiction novel Howard Carter Saves the World, published by Crooked Cat Books in 2015. He is currently researching a mystery series inspired by his work on the Renaissance Artisan project, and trying hard not to get lost in the library.

Select Past Appearances:

The Brass Screw Confederacy
Presenter: Drinking from the Font of Ideas
Panelist: Steampunk Writers

Awards & Publications:

Scott was a finalist in the 6th Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition with the humorous story Armageddon Interruptus, a tale of daylight savings time, practical accountancy, and the difficulties of obtaining pale horses.

Howards Banner

Interviews & Highlights:
Fox Island author publishes cheerful, non-cynical science fiction novel ‘Howard Carter Saves the World(Interview) Peninsula Gateway/Tacoma News Tribune
Dr Villainous Deeds finds you unworthy, part of the “Letters from Elsewhere” blog series curated by Miriam Drori
Wednesday Welcome: Scott Perkins & Howard Carter Saves the WorldInterview with Nancy Jardine
On the Pitfalls of Naming a Character ‘Howard Carter’with my pal Seumas Gallacher

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